Slug Watch: The rain cometh

Split splat. It never rains but it pours. Never has the phrase seemed more apt than now. We haven’t had hardly a drop for two weeks and now the met office have issued a severe weather warning for Snowdonia National Park, saying were going to get a months rain in a day. I’m on the southern border of Snowdonia so I’m feeling the whip end as the storm passes over. This is the first prolonged wet test for slug watch. The problem with this sort of experiment is that its not exact. If you wanted to do it properly you’d have to have an experiment without comfrey, an experiment using other techniques, a rainy year, a sunny year. Who knows, the slug numbers might have been kept down by the lack of moisture so far this year. At any rate, those slugs that are around the veggie patch are sticking to the edges and on the comfrey beds. Considering how rainy its been I’m suprised not to see more of them. It is still quite cold so perhaps if we get a little more humidity in the air they will be out in numbers. Or maybe the frogs, toads and slow worms really are doing a good job at cleaning up the area. I’ll go back out later tonight. The good news: no slug damage so far!

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