Empty Homes network event Thursday 18th February 12pm

Come and join us for the Wales Co-operative Centre’s empty homes event on Thursday 18th February. We’ve teamed up with experts to see how groups in Wales can turn empty homes and other buildings into viable community led housing schemes. We’ll have three speakers, Q and A’s and break out rooms as usual. Our speakers this month are Sarah Williams from the Housing Department of Ceredigion County Council, Chris Laughton from the Solar Design Company and Martin Newman from Giroscope, a housing project based in Hull. Sarah will help us understand what an empty home is and how local authorities relate to them. Chris takes us through some of the technical aspects a group can expect to encounter, whilst Martin will show us what an empty homes based community led housing project looks like. Join us on February 18th at 12pm. Remember to book before 10am and check your junk folder for the zoom link if it doesn’t appear in your inbox. Book via Eventbrite here

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