I work as a freelance oral historian and social research interviewer  working on qualitative analysis projects.

Social research interviewer

I work with companies and research organisations who wish to conduct social research through interviews. I mostly work with semi-structured interviews based around a pre-constructed methodology. My primary contractor for social research interview work is currently the Frameworks Institute in the US. They employ me to carry out interviews for them in the UK but I am available for global travel as and when required.

Oral History interviewer

Between 2011-2015 I created and project led the Voices from a Disused Quarry oral history project for the Centre for Alternative Technology. I worked with twenty volunteers, 3 student archivists, 7 artists in residence (including Glenn Davidson of Artstation) and four national Welsh organisations including the National Library of Wales and the People’s Collection Wales.

The result is an incredible archive of 100 voices documenting a remarkable 40 year history, available to the public for ever. I also wrote a book and a peer reviewed academic paper for the journal Oral History. To listen to interview clips, find out more about the project, order a copy of the book and download the academic paper visit

Oral history talks, interview training and workshops

I subsequently have given many lectures on the project and on CAT’s history, including methodology guidance to MSc students at CAT. Please get in touch if you would like me to give a talk to your group or organisation. I can tailor the talk to suit the level you would like, and it will come with photographs, video and audio clips.

Since then I have worked as a freelance oral history advisor and interview trainer for the Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust and the Public Interest Research Centre. I work with the Un-earthed research collective to deliver specific training requirements, and we are happy to tailor a course to suit your needs.

Oral history networks

I am a founder member of the Oral History Society’s Environment and Climate Change Special Interest Group, which brings together practitioners who are interested in generating projects around climate change themes. You can find out more about the work we’re doing via the Oral History Society, Twitter and Facebook.

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