Saving Water in the Dyfi Valley – Podcast #2

The second of our podcasts is still in post production – a posh way of saying we’ve been too busy all summer to finish it off but we’re going to do it now the nights are drawing in. It’s on seed saving so by happy coincidence its better timed for this time of year anyway. For those of you new to the blog my podcast partner Sophie and I took a trip to Coventry to the Heritage Seed Library with the Dyfi Valley Seed Savers to find rare Welsh varieties of vegetabls and recorded the results for posterity. Until we bring you that I thought I’d refresh the page with our first podcast on water conservation. Although ironically we had some of the wettest weather on record we should be thinking carefully about saving water when it falls so we can make the most of it when we need it. So plan your water conservation this winter for next summer – there may be dry spells ahead. Apologies if you’ve already had the podcast.

Best wishes

Download The Dyfi Valley Podcast #1

PS Keeping up with my record of every species living in my garden, today I saw three mice (none of them blind), a blue tit and a robin eating nuts from a bird feeder that had fallen on the ground. It was a most wonderful sight. They were each very nervous of the other and spent their time alert and careful, moving back and forth to the feeder. I must get up at six more often. Unfortunately its really difficult from a distance to identify mice but I think they were wood mice.

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