Really cold composting

Hi. I write this just after a really crazy half hour of weather. The road outside my house was suddenly covered with snow. I’ve had a question about really cold composting. How cold can it get before you have to stop composting? The composting process really slows down in the cold because composting creatures become almost inactive or completely dormant. But you can keep things warm for them by providing lots of insulation around your bin. In most warm climates like Britain’s this is hardly necessary as the totally dormant phase of composting is actually quite small – and with warmer winters getting smaller. However in Canada some people regard it as a challenge to keep their compost going all winter. Take this guy. I love this video – its simple and explains pretty much all you need to know about the insulation process. Does have deliberately annoying music though so turn down your volume.

Hope you enjoy.

Hi again

Hi again. Apologies for not blogging much recently…mmh… since May! Back in the game now but I’m widening the blog to include non gardening topics close to my heart too. To start with just thought I’d let you know that I’ve written an article for The Garden (the magazine of the RHS) and it should be appearing any minute now. If you read it and have any questions I’ll try and answer them or post some links up. To start with check out:

Be back soon.

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