Nadolig Llawen

I don’t know which I’m about to enjoy more: my friend Caroline’s vegan mince pie, the img_0342new edition of the Journalist, or waving goodbye to 2016. The problem with waving goodbye to 2016 is that we have to say hello to 2017, which although could not possibly be worse than 2016, probably will be. One think that can only get better in 2017 is friendship. Above all, friendship has the capacity to keep us upright as we slalom race to the bottom of the hill of despotic antagonism. I will be giving friendship a particularly cosy cwtch in 2017. Recommended present this year: George Monbiot and Ewan Mclennan’s album Breaking the Spell of Loneliness (or tickets to a live performance including Aberystwyth Arts Centre on February 11th). Hold on tight folks!

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