Hello Open Eco Homes 2017!

I’m excited to have just started work again on the Open Eco Homes project in Cambridge. This is my second year for OEH Cambridge and I’m really pleased to be back working with the wonderful folks at Cambridge Carbon Footprint, a great group of staff and volunteers who between them put on many many key events in Cambridge. I’ve just written a blog on the OEH website about what we’ve got planned in 2017. You don’t have to be based in Cambridge to enjoy OEH. The houses and technologies you see are relevant anywhere. Take a weekend: spend one day on OEH and one day sightseeing. Whether you live in Cambridge or not put October 8th and 14th in your diary and make some space for Open Eco Homes! If you live in Cambridge and want to open your eco home for those two days in October please do get in touch.

Happy International Women’s Day

Women are going on strike today as part of a global day of action for International Women’s Day. Yay! Amazing response to continued repression, inequality and misogyny. In celebration of the day just thought I’d post this link to a selection of audio clips of women talking about their experiences living and working at CAT. This was recorded as part of the Holdfast a project originated by Ariana Jordao and Rosie Leach as part of International Women’s Day in 2014 and continued with a live group oral history interview at the National Library of Wales later that year. Men, if you want to do something today, as well as supporting your friends, colleagues, mothers, daughters, sisters in whatever they are doing, then sign up for the White Ribbon campaign as a commitment to stand against violence towards women.

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