Centre for Alternative Technology needs your help

The Centre for Alternative Technology has been left with an uncertain future following the liquidation of a construction company that owed it £530,000. It is now looking for financial support to finish its WISE building and continue teaching students, professionals and householders about environmental practices and technologies. The organisation – which has a 35 year history of implementing practical environmental change – needs your help right now. If you can help please read on below and visit the CAT WISE appeal website http://www2.cat.org.uk/wise/wiseappeal/ to donate. Any support at this difficult time would be greatly appreciated.

A message from CAT originally posted on their facebook page.

WISE’s original construction company went into liquidation owing CAT Charity £530,000. Please could you help us at this difficult time.

Originally a £5 million project, the building costs for WISE have risen because of a legal dispute between CAT and the main contractor, Frank Galliers Ltd. Formerly a family-run company the partnership we developed sadly deteriorated after the company was bought by a venture capitalist firm.

Following the dismissal of Galliers, after numerous difficulties, several defects were discovered in the building, some structural. Last month, in the High Court, CAT was awarded over £530,000 in costs and our actions in terminating Galliers’ contract were exonerated. Unfortunately, within a week of CAT obtaining judgment, Galliers went into administration and a short time later, liquidation. Given the magnitude of Galliers’ debts (almost £10m), it is unlikely that we will see a penny. This has left CAT as a company in an incredibly difficult position threatens to mar an otherwise amazing year in CAT’s unique history.

Thankfully, our new building firm, C. Sneade Construction, has a good track record in environmental building and is doing a fantastic job of repairing the damage. Unfortunately for us, we now have to meet the cost of this repair bill through no fault of our own.

The amount we need to raise is £530,000 and we have a short and challenging timescale in which to achieve this target. Please could you help us at this critical time.

All donations will be greatly appreciated. To donate please go to http://www.cat.org.uk/wiseappeal

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