Ethical gardener to head Gardeners World

Toby Buckland has been chosen to front Gardeners World. He will join Carol Klein and Joe Swift (both Garden News writers) in September. He’s an organic gardener and his ethical garden at BBC Gardeners World Live won gold this year. All really good news for green gardening. With the team firmly behind the idea of…

Brilliant blogger award

Emma, another gardening blogger and author has given me a brilliant blogger award. I’m one of several people she has chosen for the award, and the links she’s provided are really helpful. Check out her blog and the other award nominees at her site.

Rain stops: play!

Its been raining for weeks now, and I’ve hardly been in the garden. Gardening in Wales is tough. With conditions like these you really have to plant for low maintenance, and for maximum wildlife enjoyment. Wildlife actually get more out of the garden than I do, so it makes sense to cater for them as…

New organic trade directory for Wales

If you run a hospital, school, restaurant, hotel or even a small event and want to source fresh and ready made organic food you should check out a new edition of the Welsh Organic Trade Directory. It’s free to download from Organic Centre Wales and lists suppliers of fresh and processed food in Wales.

The Truth About Organic Gardening

From time to time a book comes along that makes you question again what you believe in. The Truth About Organic Gardening by Jeff Gillman is such a book. Jeff Gillman is a professor of horticulture based in the US and has spent many years researching the benefits and drawbacks of organic and chemical gardening….

Climate Camp – What you (and I) missed

I think its important to know what happens to people in Britain when they congregate to protest. Henry David Thoreau said “Most men lead lives of quiet desperation”. A few get it together to make their voices heard. And sometimes when they do they come up against intimidation, abuse and political brutality. Visit the Coal…

Hello Guardian readers

Hello Guardian readers. If this was The Simpsons I’d have a flashing neon sign saying Welcome to Slug World. Thankfully its not. This blog is not just about slugs or gardening but about wildlife, environment and ecology, and actually anything else I think might help people, plants and animals. Its a mix of news stories…

Garden News article – A World Without Bees

This is an article I wrote for Garden News a few weeks back. Garden News have taken the lead on talking about the bee issue, which I think as many people as possible should be conscious of. After I wrote this article more figures came out following research carried out in bee hives across Britain….