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Back in March I came up with a bonkers plan to visit all the remaining 27 countries in the EU by bike and train before March 2019, the date set for Brexit. The month I will lose my EU citizenship and all the rights that go with that, not least the right to move freely across any border between any of these countries. The first leg of my journey starts tomorrow at 7AM. I’m heading off on my beautiful Dutch bike to Normandy and onwards towards Spain, Portugal and possibly Sicily and Malta.

For the next six weeks I’ll be blogging about my experience on The Grand Depart. Some of that will be shared through this website as well but if you want to track my journey head over to the other blog. I have no idea whether I’ll complete my quest as this is a massive challenge for me but I reckon at this point starting is more important than getting to the finish line. Whatever happens for the next six weeks I’ll be squeezing my life into four panniers on two wheels. And maybe that’s enough!


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