Narrative is fractal – read this blog by Elena Blackmore

Got so much out of reading Elena Blackmore’s blog post on the mosaic of white supremacy this morning. And it comes with so many useful resources for anyone who wants to think and act more deeply on racism in Britain. We need to open up these narratives about empire. I’m always astonished when I read surveys in Britain like this one that say one of the things people in Britain are most proud of is the empire. And that many people wish it still existed. Do they realise the full implications of that wish? It suggests a failure in the way in which our history is told, that runs from our school learning through to the TV programmes we watch. I studied Economic and Social History at University and it was only there that I realised much of the history learning I had at school was inaccurate or overly weighted in favour of empire, and the glories of the British past. There is no doubt that British history is rich and incredible and full of achievement but we also need to make sure that the narratives we carry around with us our balanced and nuanced and tell so many of the other stories too. Otherwise we carry on living in a world today that isn’t representative and that in the end brings us all down. The weight of history is pressing down on all of us, and it takes such strength to dislodge it from our backs. A more truthful history is a power jack to lift us all up. I hope we can find it.

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