The Organic Garden out in paperback

Blimey. It’s been a long time since I blogged. I’ve even missed the launch date of my own book! The paperback version of The Organic Garden came out last week. Hurrah. It’s exactly the same content as the hardback but as the hardback is no longer available but for a handful of discounted copies at it’s great to have it back again. The book took about 18 months of hard work to get together and I’m really pleased Collins decided to reprint – especially at the moment with the economy as it is. You’ll actually find it full of home made garden solutions and a great resource if you want to start gardening organically and don’t want to spend lots of money. I’m very much into recycling, DIYing and using natural resources when they are available. I’ll put some extracts up over the next few weeks to give you a feel for the writing style and content, and hopefully provide inspiration as spring comes along! The book costs £12.99 and is available from all good retailers. Bye for now. Allan

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