Gardening Which? gives thumbs up to peat free compost

Gardening Which? magazine has given the thumbs up to a peat free organic compost. In their yearly analysis of the most widely available composts on the market they gave their Best Buy Award to New Horizon Organic And Peat Free Growbag. It performed slightly less well overall against the best peat free alternative assessed by Gardening Which? but in some categories – for example in growing potatoes – did better. Overall it scored 74% compared to 83% for the peat based alternative. With only a year to go till manufacturers are obliged to produce potting compost that is 90% peat free the race is on to deliver a truly great and widely available bagged organic compost. Of course you can make fine organic peat free compost at home using various recipes, so you don’t necessarily need to use bagged compost. But for those who need to get started without a ready supply of home made compost a bag of New Horizon looks like a pretty good alternative.

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