Rain stops: play!

Its been raining for weeks now, and I’ve hardly been in the garden. Gardening in Wales is tough. With conditions like these you really have to plant for low maintenance, and for maximum wildlife enjoyment. Wildlife actually get more out of the garden than I do, so it makes sense to cater for them as well as myself. I’m also doing a lot of work on the house too, which needs a lot of time and energy. Not much time or opportunity for gardening at the moment. But the rain has stopped today so I will be getting into the garden to tidy up the damage the sheep have done and assess what I want to do with the garden for the rest of the year. I picked my first French beans yesterday, and although the harvest has been much reduced by the sheep there are at least a few beans to show for my efforts. The amazing survival story concerns the lettuce which has bounced back from the sheep shearing and has a healthy crop of leaves: well it is cut and come again I suppose. I haven’t been doing slug watch much and the result of my lack of action and the volume of rain is self evident. The snails have made a home for themselves in the foliage of my beans and there are little clusters of them on my calendula. Any courgettes I had coming have been eaten. The whole garden looks very messy so today its tidy up time. I think I’m going to lay down a green manure to over winter the soil and build up some fertility. Then I’ll think about putting in some permanent plantings for next year. It makes more sense with the climate and location of the garden. So for now rain stops: Play!

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