Hello Guardian readers

Hello Guardian readers. If this was The Simpsons I’d have a flashing neon sign saying Welcome to Slug World. Thankfully its not. This blog is not just about slugs or gardening but about wildlife, environment and ecology, and actually anything else I think might help people, plants and animals. Its a mix of news stories and personal experience. Slug Watch has come to a sticky end for the moment because about a week after the Guardian photographer came to take the picture in the garden half my experiment (ie the plants unfortunately not the slugs) were eaten by a much bigger and more powerful pest – no not the mice, sheep (see blog baa baa kill sheep). If you haven’t already read enough about slugs, their habits and devices to stop these habits then have a look through the blog on all the entries marked Slug Watch or check out http://www.cat.org.uk/ihateslugs/btshomepage.tmpl. Here you’ll find tonnes of great suggestions from contributors to CAT’s Bug the Slug Campaign. You can also buy The Little Book of Slugs, along with all my other books and loads of other useful books and gardening resources from CAT Mail Order. If you shop from here more of the money goes towards supporting CAT’s charitable aims. In the absence of Slug Watch there’s plenty of other things to talk about – the state of the honey bee population for example. Read my article for Garden News below and get hold of the book A World Without Bees. Appreciate and act. Be a player not a spectator. Start with your garden and work your way out. That’s enough mottos for any blog. See you next time.

Best wishes

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