A bunny on my phone and plant miles on my mind

The British ethical consumer has another two labels to get used to: both promoting the idea of plant miles. Over 50% of our plants are imported so it’s good to know that efforts are being made to help the conscientious purchaser to make quick easy choices when they buy their plants. Buying local plants cuts down on transportation pollution, supports the British economy and reduces the risk of imported pests and diseases. The Horticultural Development Council is funding a plant labelling scheme in Hampshire and Sussex this summer to see if plants with a local label are more popular. The logo is a little flower with the words ‘Home Grown for the Best’. The other logo being used by several nurseries around Britain is a plant in a pot with the words ‘UK Grown 4 Low Plant Miles’. Of course if you shop at local nurseries, as opposed to garden centres and supermarkets, you are guaranteed to cut plant miles because the plants are grown on-site.

Look out for The Telegraph tomorrow. Bunny Guiness phoned me up this week to pick my brains for an article she was writing about green gardening. The results should be out on Sunday.

Have a good Saturday. Hope its not raining where you are!

Best wishes

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