A butterfly on my sofa

I’ve been suffering from a cold for the last few days but tonight I’m cheered greatly by the site of a small white butterfly – on my sofa. It seems as sleepy as I am, which is quite right at this time of the evening. It also seems to have lost half of one antennae, which means its been in the wars with something. Hopefully nothing on my sofa. We’re both listening to Gene Kelly. When the butterfly flies its quite a magical combination. The sound of gene’s voice, the image of a great dancer, the movement of wings, the circle of flight as it takes off and lands on my jumper. The small white’s offspring are pests to brassicas but it doesn’t make this butterfly any the less beautiful. I’ve been thinking for some time of recording every living thing in my garden and house so this could be the start. This is a female small white. It has two black spots on its wing. The male has only one. There we go: species number one – the common rather unloved but never-the-less wonderful small white butterfly.

If like me you love bugs and have an interest in how they affect our lives you should get in touch with publishers Random House. They’re looking for contributors to their new book Bugs Britannica. The book aims to do for insects what Flora Britannica did for flowers and will look at how insects and inverterbrates affect our lives. To find out more visit their website http://www.randomhouse.co.uk/bugsbritannica (see the links page).

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