Happy juice year

I’m on a two month sabbatical from work at the moment and one of the things I wanted to do with my time was work on my mental and physical wellbeing. Lots of people have raved to me about juicing over the years and as a vegan who loves veg and fruit it makes total sense. Armed with some christmas money from my mum (yes still happens at 46!) I’ve invested (and it is an investment) in a JR-8000 whole slow cold press masticating juicer (quite a mouthful before you even touch a drop of juice). Henceforth known as Red. Unlike some juicers it has a soft purr but with a huge crushing capacity. Sounds like a cat, juices like a lion. Two days in I’m loving it. Taking inspiration from my friend Zoe my aim is to ditch some of my toast and cereal breakfast habits for a fresh juice and smoothie most days. Here’s my juice recipe over the last two days: two carrots, two apples, good handfuls of kale and a lemon. It’s a sweet tasting juice. I also made almond milk in Red and a smoothie in a smoothie maker: banana, pear, grapes, satsuma, rice milk and water. So that’s already 8 of my 5 a day!

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