Hi again

Hi again. Apologies for not blogging much recently…mmh… since May! Back in the game now but I’m widening the blog to include non gardening topics close to my heart too. To start with just thought I’d let you know that I’ve written an article for The Garden (the magazine of the RHS) and it should be appearing any minute now. If you read it and have any questions I’ll try and answer them or post some links up. To start with check out:


Be back soon.

3 Replies to “Hi again”

  1. A very interesting article. with good pictures. H ave you got a composting method for very cold instead of cool. Like to see more articles by you. Try some different topics. From the hilly north.

  2. Hi there up North

    I suspect you’re not far enough up North to benefit from the method of composting I’ve just posted on my blog but this guy was absolutely determined to keep his composting going all year round – despite the freezing temperatures and large snowfall. Of course in Britain its not really worth going to all this effort to keep composting going but you could put an extra layer of insulation around your bin just to keep things moving a long. Composting slows down as the cold weather arrives because the creatures that do the composting become less productive or lay dormant completely. But in Britain this period of total inactivity is not as long as in Canada and other really cold places. Its ok just to keep adding to your bin until it is full. Once the composting creatures get active again they will have plenty of material to work on.

  3. Hi Allan Thanks for the imformation. Not quite as cold as Canada. Will leave to get on by its self. Plenty of action at the moment. Interesting video.

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