April Visits Best Yet

Compost Lover had nearly 1500 visitors last month (the most in one month so far) so thanks to all who made the call. You seem to be liking the how to make a dry stone wall blog, the low carbon garden – wattle blog and the bean pole archway blog the most so I’ll keep putting up practical stuff and mixing it with the news stories as I go. I’m making a garden table out of some chestnut and oak at the moment. It’s going to be big. Like a giants table looking over my Welsh valley, with big rustic stools to sit on. I’m not great at carpentry but I’ll put a blog up about how to make a basic table using untreated durable timber and let you find your own way to someone more skilled if you feel inspired. Tomorrow I’m at the Royal Agricultural Showgrounds in Builth Wells at the Smallholding Show. It’s a great show with loads of opportunity to buy local and get coppiced products and information and advice too. There’s usually a fantastic tool stall there too so I’ll be there looking for something old and unusual – and I don’t mean the people behind the counter.

So thanks for visiting and keep coming back.

Best wishes

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