If you need a speaker I would be very happy to give a talk or host a workshop on one of the following:

Community led-housing: in my role for the Wales Co-operative Centre I give talks and online webinars about community led housing, cohousing, housing co-operatives. Get in touch via Wales.coop/homes

Basic interview technique: covers the basics of technology, technique and things to think about. Useful for groups, organisations or individuals who need to do some interviewing for whatever reason. 1-2 hours.

An accidental utopia in Wales: the history of the Centre for Alternative Technology. CAT’s history is unique and inspiring and my knowledge is ridiculously comprehensive! I could speak all day but you probably won’t want me to! 1 hour.

Slugs and compost make the rotten world go round. I’ve written several organic gardening books and this talk covers the organic basics with lots of practical stuff about compost making and slug protection. 1 hour.

Curious Incidents in the Garden at Night-time. Happy to give a reading from this book and talk about some of the issues raised. 30 minutes.


Contact me via messageallan@outlook.com to discuss fees and costs.

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