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The Organic Garden

The book to the left is the original hardback version. The one to the right, the paperback.

In many ways this book is representative of ten years of my life living in the Dyfi Valley in Mid Wales and includes contributions from people I have known and worked alongside, including an amazing chapter on food growing written by Chloe Ward (who now works at the Centre for Alternative Technology). It’s about gardening but also climate change, ethical living, community, not to mention wildlife, natural materials, eco-building, renewable energy.It’s the first gardening book to treat ethical living as a central component of organic gardening and the first to talk about climate change. When I started writing the climate change section a year and a half ago I thought I was writing for an audience that would be only semi aware of the issue. How things have changed. Thanks to the many high profile reports that have appeared since then everybody is talking about how they can cut their carbon emissions. The climate change section provides a small glimpse of how we may have to adapt to a warmer world and what we can do to help prevent the worst-case scenarios some have predicted. Many coffee table gardening books don’t really give the reader pointers as to where to go when they’ve finished reading. I wanted to give you plenty of opportunity to move on from the book. Whether you want to volunteer, go on a course, read more books, visit gardens or get information from inspiring websites. The book will tell you lots of the information you need to know when you’re first starting to garden, but says this is only the start guys, see what else you can learn.

Reviews for The Organic Garden

Like a personality in the crowd, this stimulating book stands apart Andi Clevely, The Garden (the magazine of the Royal Horticultural Society)

…in a class of its own. Highly Recommended – Jennie Macfie, The Sunday Herald

Touchingly personal in style and bursting with humour and integrity – Elspeth Thompson, choosing The Organic Garden as one of her books of the year in The Daily Telegraph

No ordinary gardening book. Allan Shepherd’s books are always a joy…the lyrical inspiration goes hand in hand with the practical detail. Compulsive reading – Gaby Bartai, Organic Gardening Magazine

Allan Shepherd has a passion that shines through in this inspiring, funny and oddly touching book – Garden News

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