Garden Heroes and Villains

Little Book of Garden HeroesTwo of my little books. Heroes came first. I wanted to write an easy guide to organic gardening from the point of view of the animals and plants that improve the gardeners’ lot. A lot of people don’t understand how organic gardening works but its really quite simple. Start off by making conditions favourable for plants and animals that help us and move on from there. My heroes are pollinators, predators, soil improvers and beneficial plants (the ones that restore fertility to the ground). The Little Book is a basic guide to them and the conditions they prefer to inhabit. Includes a chapter on favoured beneficial plants written by CAT gardener Chloe Ward.

The Little Book of Garden VillainsThe Little Book of Garden Villains is a much more in depth look at the predator part of the heroes’ book and deals with both the pests and the predators. I like the Little Book format because you can get a lot of information into a small amount of space. As a writer you can have a lot of fun with the subject of pests and predators and I really enjoyed writing this one. As well as general sections about organic responses to general pest control problems I also deal with specific pests in greater detail so if you’ve got a problem with a particular pest you can find out how to deal with it. Like the other little books I provide a further information section so if you get into the subject you can find out more by reading the books mentioned.

Reviews of Heroes

Everyone should have a copy of this book Anna Pavord, The Independent Magazine

‘The Little Book of Garden Heroes’ is an easy four-stage guide with tips and hints on how to succeed at organic gardening. Did you know, for example, that the mineral-rich comfrey is considered to be the best ingredient when it comes to helping plants flourish Alan Titchmarsh, Saturday Express

A fascinating guide to an array of indispensable mini-beasts, plants and herbs, all of whom ensure the health of an organic garden. This pocket-sized book will help you do your bit for your slice of the ecosystem Friends of the Earth magazine, Earthmatters

CAT don’t miss a beat with their brilliant pocket-sized books. As ever, their latest ‘little book’ is beautifully designed, intelligently and entertainingly written, and packed with information in an accessible format… you don’t have to be new to organics to enjoy it; this intelligent little book will extend the knowledge of most already-organic gardeners. If you know a budding gardener, buy them a copy… If you don’t, treat yourself Organic Gardening Magazine

A great source of inspiration (as well as being a blooming good read) Louise Anderson, RHS Events Organiser, Gardeners World Live

Highlighting the daily lives of these ‘good guys’, this book cleverly informs the reader on many aspects of organic gardening, allowing us to get on with our daily lives while leaving the important work to these super heroes HDRA magazine, Organic Way

Reviews of Villains

Pest control books don’t come much more right on than The Little Book of Garden Villains by Allan Shepherd… It is a funny, easy read, and is produced by The Centre for Alternative Technology on recycled paper. To top it all, it is perfectly stocking sized Lia Leendertz – The Guardian

I look forward to the publication of CAT’s brilliant little books the way some people look forward to Christmas. Allan Shepherd is on top form again with this entertaining and hugely informative guide to the bad guys on the plot… packs in more information than books twice its size and makes you laugh out loud… Once again, CAT have come up with the perfect stocking filler Gaby Bartai Bevan – 
Organic Gardening Magazine

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