The Little Book of Compost

Also translated into French, Spanish and Finnish.

I like having fun when I’m writing and this one I think shows that more than any of the other books. It’s written as a recipe book because composting starts in the kitchen with your left over food scraps and cardboard waste from packaging. There are eight recipes in all – from the fun and very basic soil in the bag to the more complicated Hot Californian Turnover. You’ll also find sections on using green manures and making comfrey liquid and new composting methods like Bokashi. Most gardeners will end up making a cool compost heap, which is the method developed at CAT. Its the easiest and a big chunk of the book explains how it works. Another popular favourite is a wormery, which also gets quite a lot of pages too.

Reviews for The Little Book of Compost

The Little Book of Compost intends to do big things for rotting. It demystifies composting and offers easy-to-follow recipesLucy Siegle, Observer Magazine

112 pages of enlightening pocket-sized compost know-how. It’s impossible not to be enthused by this book. It’ll make a great Christmas present for any gardenerGarden News 

It’s a lovely little book. Everyone should be encouraged to get this book. If you want to make compost you couldn’t have a better book to help youKen Crowther, BBC Radio Essex 

4 Replies to “The Little Book of Compost”

  1. My mother has recently read about your DIY wormery in The Sunday Post. Very short article but it gave a link to your website ( I have briefly tried to find anything relating to wormeries without success. I should be grateful if you would point me and my mother in the right direction.

    Your gratefully

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