52 Weeks to Change Your World

52 Weeks to Change Your World

Now out of print, Caroline and I originally wrote this for customers of Aveda cosmetic outlets as part of their environmental awareness month. I wanted to write a book that was a concentrated version of those 500 things you can do to help save the planet type books, but that gave people a target to work towards each week so the reader feels like they’re making progress. We all need goals to work towards. In fact very little gets done without them. So why not express concern for the environment in this way. As the weeks go on the tasks become harder but more rewarding until you get to the joke week at the end – even if you’re Al Gore. Each week has a short introduction of the problem, some ideas of how to solve it and the right websites to look at to make the next move. What I like about this book is that it puts a twist on an existing format and comes up with something new. It’s a fairly modest book in the grand scheme of things but useful.

Reviews for 52 Weeks

If you want a down-to-earth light-hearted guide to everyday green living buy this pocket-size paperback. It’s crammed with gentle DIY greenness for beginners…consumer addicts need not despair, because amazing compromises are possible Planet: The Welsh Internationalist

From tree planting to changing your energy supplier, a series of once weekly initiatives to improve your life and reduce your environmental impact 
The Ecologist

Recommended – a pocket-sized antidote to environmental disaster despair 
The Spark

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