Join me for my interview with Shann Jones of Chuckling Goat on Wednesday July 1st

As part of my work with the Wales Co-operative Centre and Hwb Menter I got the chance to interview Shann Jones of Chuckling Goat a couple of weeks ago and I will be playing the interview as part of a series of digital business webinars on July 1st between 2 and 3PM. Shann, along with her husband Rich and a team of staff have grown their business from a smallholding in Wales to the point where they are delivering product to thousands of customers across the globe. During the Covid crisis the company have given away over £100,000 worth of product to people working in the NHS. Chuckling Goat are 100% online and have been fully equipped to deal with the crisis created around social distancing and lock-down. I wanted to create these webinars to give a helping hand to other people struggling to find their way through the ‘new reality’. We have a unique opportunity in Wales to deliver value driven enterprise to a much bigger market than we would have been able to do before the internet, and Chuckling Goat is a brilliant example of a business that has made a success and also transformed lives. Hope you can join!

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