Creating Cohousing projects in Powys


K1 communal house, garden and individual houses

Since March I’ve been working part-time for the Wales Cooperative Centre in a new role created by Powys County Council. I’m the first dedicated cohousing project officer in Wales.

This is a tremendously exciting opportunity and a huge challenge. Community led housing projects face an uphill struggle to get homes built but the results are quite often life changing for generations of residents.

I’ve seen the positive benefits of cohousing first hand, in particularat OWCH in London and K1 in Cambridge (picture above). My job is to see how cohousing can work in Powys.

That means meeting with community groups, council officials, planners, housing organisations and support agencies, to facilitate the development of projects but also seeing how cohousing fits in with national and local health, social care and housing objectives. This includes the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act.

I’ll be posting occasional blogs and event details here and soon we’ll have a Powys Cohousing web page to support the creation of the Powys Cohousing Network. In the meantime, if you want to know more about my work please take a look at my blog for the Wales Cooperative Centre

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