Machynlleth Town Council elections

Local elections are just around the corner and as well as County Council elections this is your chance to stand for Machynlleth Town Council. An election will only take place for Town Council if more people stand for council than there are seats, which means that councillors can be elected unopposed. This has happened many times in the past.

The last time there was an election two sitting councillors did lose their seats so elections do matter in terms of delivering the choices the people of Machynlleth want.

If anyone is interested, please phone the Electoral Services Team at Powys County Council on 01597 826747 to request a pack of nomination papers. Also phone Rab at The Plas for further advice: 07831 402002. The closing date for applications is 4th April next month.

Rab will explain the details of what it entails being a councillor but the basic job is to be of service to the town. This will become more important if the Town Council has to take on more responsibilities from the County Council to deal with service cuts.

So, if you have the capacity to stand and feel able to contribute in this way please do get involved.


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