CAT’s history to be celebrated with podcast and exhibition in Machynlleth

For the past six months I’ve been engaged on an incredibly interesting oral history project about the Centre for Alternative Technology. Next week sees the first fruits of the project launched in Machynlleth, a temporary exhibition and podcast revealing the origins of CAT.  Over 15 volunteers and myself have interviewed over 70 people so far, with more to follow, and the process has been absolutely fascinating. This is one of the most interesting things I’ve done in my career, as I’ve personally had the opportunity to interview 30 people. Oral history builds unexpected links between people and provides space for people to have their story heard. This project has revealed many hidden stories about CAT and the people who made it. I’ll post the link to the podcast here next Thursday. Meanwhile check out the details of the events by clicking here and by looking on my news and dates page. I’ll be posting more about the project in the coming months.

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