Great review for The Home Energy Handbook

The Home Energy Handbook has just received a great review from Simon Brammer at Ashden. “Personally speaking, I took the book to bed with me and was so engrossed in it I didn’t put it down until 2.30am!”

“One of the things I like about the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT)’s recently published Home Energy Handbook is that it doesn’t shy away from technical terms: ‘U-values’, ‘convection’, ‘conduction’, ‘Passivhaus’. Instead, it explains the terms and why you need to understand them, illustrates them with an easily digestible diagram, and then provides the solution to your problem. It’s like the Haynes Manual to energy in your home.

Unlike other advice books I have read, it’s also empowering. It tells you about how to go it alone or better still, how to set up a community energy project and do it with your neighbours and friends – then just when you start thinking I’m not sure I could do that, provides an inspiring case study that says, Obama-like, yes you can!”

CAT won an Ashden Award two years ago for its contribution to training the army of skilled workers needed to help transition Britain to a low carbon economy. Read the full review here, find out more about the Ashden network, and then follow the link to CAT to buy the book.

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