Climate change denial gets dirtier by the day

This cold snap has brought out the climate change deniers in their droves. Unfortunately they happen to work for dangerously misguided national newspaper editors prepared to give a voice to their stupidity. Thankfully The Guardian – as its name suggests – is doing its best to protect us from the consequences of the creation of a climate of denial. Here’s a link to a recent blog post by George Monbiot and Leo Hickman. Useful for anyone who wants to counter arguments that the recent cold snap marks the end of global warming.

2 Replies to “Climate change denial gets dirtier by the day”

  1. Thanks for this post Allan. What’s perhaps most shocking is the ease by which journalists, many of them influential, will leap onto the denial bandwagon after a bit of snow.

    Another post which gave me a positive stir this morning comes from Rob Hopkins at Transition Culture, who has a rather different take on the ‘panic’ caused by recent snowfall. It’s here:

    On a slightly more gloomy yet predictable note, there are reports that at least one garden centre in the north of England has begun offering ‘free’ soup in order to attract ‘elderly’ punters. The trouble is, the garden centre itself admits that no one is buying because conditions underfoot are too dangerous. So what do they do? Pull out all the stops to get folk onto the ice anyway. Cynical doesn’t come close.

    1. I agree John. Totally irresponsible. Thanks for the link. I think editors should seriously consider the future of those journalists who take a blatantly unscientific approach to their work. It is so dangerous to allow the science to be perverted in the way that is and leaves us all diminished as a result.

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