Babs2Hay and Cardiff

Barbara Haddrill is taking her talk about her book Babs2Brisbane to the Hay Festival and Cardiff Borders next week. Hay on Thursday and Cardiff on Saturday. Babs travelled overland to Australia to be a bridesmaid at her best friends wedding because she wanted to avoid flying for environmental reasons. Her talk is inspirational – suggesting how much we can all do to make a difference. For more details visit

2 Replies to “Babs2Hay and Cardiff”

  1. So what did happent to Yalding garden. My husband and I rejoined G.O.after somne years lapse due to committments and have been looking for Yalding on ther website without success. Today I determined I would give it some effort as Yalding was our ‘local’ garden, we watched it grow and mature almost from the field it was. I can’t believe G.O. would offload it when it was such a beautifu;l and creative place. Please let me know the situation. J.S.

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