Happy Christmas and if you’re going away remember to switch everything off.

Check out this video. The coolest Energy Saving video ever. I’m loving it! Have a great Christmas and I’ll see you soon. Thanks for visiting and for making a contribution.

2 Replies to “Happy Christmas and if you’re going away remember to switch everything off.”

  1. Thanks for posting this Allan – a great way to get us thinking about energy saving. I’ve taken its message to heart and just ‘installed’ eight (washed and clean) engineering bricks in my little chest freezer. My plan is that as I need more freezer space, I can just pop them into the back of the fridge, and vice versa. I’ll probably need to wear gloves going from freezer to fridge – to avoid frost burn! But here’s the best bit: the bricks have been out during a frosty night, so they’ve got off to a brilliant energy-saving start…

    1. Thanks John. My kitchen has been so cold I don’t need a freezer! Brrrrrrr. Roll on spring. Liked the article about plastic in Organic Gardening Magazine. More food for thought. I’ll email you when I get a minute. Best wishes Allan

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