And Emily loved him

It’s a sad day on a blue crated moon somewhere in space. The soup dragon is crying into his ladle. And on a Welsh hillside a little stream train has nothing to toot toot about. He has lost his voice. And somewhere in a small shop in a little street in England a certain Professor Yaffle can be heard to say ridiculous, ridiculous. And however hard they try there are some things the mice on the mouse organ just can’t fix. Yesterday Oliver Postgate passed away and now that Bagpuss has gone to sleep I wonder whether all his friends will too. I loved Oliver Postgate – as many people of my generation did – somewhat irrationally probably as I never met the man. But he was a hero, a passionate advocate for the environment and for peace and love and a teller of lovable, meaningful stories. In a strange sort of way he was probably one of the most influential people of his day. Even in later years he used the money he had made from his stories to post full page adverts in national newspapers telling people the truth about global warming. His autobiography Seeing Things is a joy to read and an inspiration. It actually appears to be out of print as Amazon is only stocking the second hand editions at £38. I hope the publishers print a new edition. In tribute to Oliver Postage join me, take a few moments out of your day and watch…

One Reply to “And Emily loved him”

  1. Very well said Allan – he will indeed be sorely missed; both by our ‘Ivor the Engine’ generation, and those considerably younger.

    Maybe a sign of that; is that your linked Amazon copy of ‘Seeing Things’ has now gone up to £56.75 for the paperback!!

    All the best,


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