Rainwater harvesting tanks

Following on from my last blog garden writer John Walker has emailed me an alternative suggestion for sources of tanks for rain water harvesting:

“I bought my tank from www.smithsofthedean.co.uk, who sell recycled 1500
litre tanks and a good range of smaller ones, too – click on ‘recycled
containers’. These were lovely people to deal with – they even rang me
up when the large tanks came back into stock. Dealing with them and
delivery of the tank was a real pleasure.”

One Reply to “Rainwater harvesting tanks”

  1. Whilst it can be a cheaper option using old recycled tanks for rainwater collection. Our own experience at Freerain is that these tanks are often quite difficult to integrate in to a rebust system. That is, getting filters to work and pumps to fit inside and/or getting suction lines to work without losing prime.

    We understand that getting a new, specially designed system isn’t possible for everyone. But where possible it certainly is much better and the water is usually cleaner too.

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