Garden Organic celebrates 50 years of organic achievement

This weekend marks the 50th anniversary of Garden Organic. Take ten minutes out of the day to read about their history and sign up as a member. As well as advising organic gardeners, they carry out an extensive programme of research into new organic methods, help people in developing countries to learn about new organic techniques and preserve the diversity of fruit and vegetable seeds through their Heritage Seed Library. They also work with schools to generate interest in gardening and publish many extremely useful books on organic gardening. I’m a big fan of the work of their founder Lawrence Hills, who spent most of his life researching and promoting organic techniques. Most of his books are out of print but you can still get hold of them through on-line retailers and second-hand bookshops. The research tradition of Lawrence Hills continues today and its worth becoming a member just to find out about new techniques we can all use in our gardens to make life easier, more pleasurable and bountiful. Their research work overseas takes in regions as diverse as Africa, Central America and South East Asia and includes ground breaking schemes in Cuba and Afghanistan to tackle poverty, drugs and AIDS related illness. Visit to find out more.

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