My slugs and other animals

Today’s been a strange and mysterious day for slug watch. One of my pea plants had capitulated to some form of attacker but I really don’t know if it was a slug or not. I found the top half limp and separate from the bottom half, one lonely mange tout waiting to be picked amidst a wall of expectant flowers. It doesn’t seem like a slug. Why would a slug climb half way up only to slit the plants throat, metaphorically speaking. On all my other peas they just like munching the leaves. And then there’s the case of the mysteriously disappearing brassica, whose leaves have gone one after the other over several days leaving me suspicious that the mouse has been at work again. Actually I found one leaf dragged manfully, or should that be mousefully a foot and a half away from the plant so I’m pretty sure that isn’t the work of a slug. The last couple of nights I’ve been having a good old poke around in the undergrowth and there’s quite a few slugs mooching around. I’ve definitely saved my beans by picking them off. I also found a little baby toad in there tonight, which is a good sign. I’ve started to feel a bit self conscious going up to the plot with my flash light. I’m probably mad.

4 Replies to “My slugs and other animals”

  1. haha
    “slug climb half way up only to slit the plants throat” led me to picture a knife wielding slug.
    Enjoying your blog.

  2. Yes! The slug would look like a pirate with the knife between its teeth and an Errol Flynn mustache. I wish I could draw!

  3. just reading this now, a few years after you wrote it. I have brassicas growing in my greenhouse and, a while back, went out and found something had eaten throw the stems at the base of a couple of the young cabbage plants. My first thought was slugs but then thought it was unlikely so decided it was probably mice. They ate some of my ripe peaches last year. I’ve bought a humane mouse trap from the organic gardening catalogue but not used it yet. The plants seem to have grown away OK now with no more damage. I didnt realise mice would eat the tops off carrots before, I’ve always blamed slugs for everything. (I love your ‘Little book of slugs too)

    1. Thanks Louise. Yes I haven’t kept on top of the blog recently but its good you’re reading the old stuff! I hope the info and all the replies will always be useful to people. Glad you enjoyed The Little Book of Slugs! It’s ten years old this year! Might have a birthday for it…

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