Slug Watch: The battle of the beans

Its been wet the last two days, the comfrey I cut before I went to Glastonbury has turned into a brown mush and the slugs and snails seem much more numerous and adventurous now the plot is lush green with few gaps in between. I’ve got careless and neglected the comfrey cut. Perhaps they prefer it green but slightly faded rather than totally brown. There’s more layers to this experiment than you first imagine. Anyway the upshot of my night prowl this evening was 20 slugs and snails of various sizes removed manfully from the plot. The snails have taken to giving out a little spurt of slime when I pick them up, accompanied with a small sorrowful moan. Or at least the release of the slime sounds like a moan. The plants worst affected are the runner beans I planted most recently, bought as plants not grown from seed. They are on the side nearest the edge of the veg plot and most susceptible to attack from marauding hordes. The French beans planted from seed on the other side of the bean pole archway are climbing up strong, leaves intact and in fine fettle. The leaves of the runners are ribbons in places, surviving but battered. On nights like this it seems they need a helping hand.

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