Slug Watch: The slugs in rain stay mainly on the comfrey

Great. Last night it rained. Significantly. It wasn’t an all out Welsh rain night. The kind of night that makes you fear for the sanctity of your house, but it did never the less bring out the slugs, liven up slug watch and make me fearful for my experiment. I went up to the garden about twelve, when it was properly wet underfoot in some agitation as to the state I might find my plants in but actually I had nothing to fear. The comfrey was fresh and the slugs and snails crawling over it. I found a frog and a toad. And panning the beam from my torch light across the vegetable beds found no slugs or snails at all! Not one was heading for my plants, or on my plants. The comfrey method seems to be working. Of course in Wales the best test is if we get several wet nights in a run. Anyway, so far so good. No slug damage yet, apart from those original nibbles on the bean plant, which is now doing just as well as the others and sending up fine growth shoots. It’s sunny today so there should be some real growth after last nights soaking.

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