Leave a tendril moment alone: Pea stick advice

I had a really exciting day with my peas yesterday. I noticed the tendrils weren’t reaching for the pea supports so I placed some smaller pea supports and bent them in around the peas and touching the larger pea supports. I’ve seen this done at the lost gardens of Heligan, which has a large victorian kitchen garden. I guess its one of those tricks we might have forgotten but at Heligan they have big long rows of peas and they start them off on small sticks and then once the peas have climbed over these, put bigger sticks over them, so you get a climbing frame effect. After I’d done this I went back a few hours later and the effect was noticeable. The pea tendrils were reaching up to the smaller supports and some of them had even found them and were wrapped around branches. It never ceases to amaze me that plants can sense where a support is and head towards it. You can almost feel that the peas will grow more positively upwards once they have the smaller support structure in place. Like a child climbing up a frame, lifting themselves up to the next challenge. Go peas. I love you.

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