Slug Watch: The Drama continues

Following the eventful chewing of the edges of one of the leaves of one of my bean plants you may remember that I planned to put some comfrey leaves out near the plant to see if I could distract the rogue slug from its bean eating endeavour – slugs loving comfrey. I went up to the plot last night about ten and found the offending slug back on my bean, this time eating a different leaf. So this might be telling me that the comfrey wasn’t yet decomposed enough to attract the slug – usually it takes a couple of days for the comfrey to be in the right condition, or the slug, already with a taste for the bean decided to return undaunted. Anyway I took the slug off and removed it to a very safe distance and took the comfrey away too. This morning I went up there and found no more damage to the bean and none to the rest of my plants. It’s been three weeks now and the bean damage has been the only slug damage so far.

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