National Moth Night: Saturday 7th June

Hurrah! It’s one of my favourite nights of the year on Saturday! National Moth Night. Each year a whole group of people get together to celebrate, watch and monitor the progress of moths. Totally underrated by most people moths are in fact beautiful, mostly beneficial and a small wonder of evolution. Gardeners know them as a pest but only a small number of the 700 species of UK moth are actually harmful. The rest are beneficial. They are wonderful pollinators and a valuable source of food for bats and other mammals, birds, amphibians, and spiders. An essential part of our eco-system. My book Curious Incidents in the Garden at Night-time is all about moths. I fell in love with them when I wrote the book and it will be with much pleasure that I attend the National Moth night event at the Centre for Alternative Technology on Saturday. If you’re in the Machynlleth area this saturday meet at the CAT car park at nine pm. From there we’ll be walking up to the cabins area of CAT for drinks, cakes and introduction. After that we’ll be watching the moths as they come to non-harmful light traps and recording what we see. If you’ve never seen moths come to light before you’ll be totally amazed at how many beautiful species they are. There are moth nights all over Britain and you can get information from

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