New survey reports increase in curious incidents in the garden at night-time

A new survey commissioned by Grant’s Blended Whiskey has found that garden centres in the south east of England are reporting a 20 per cent growth in the sales of night-blooming plants. Seventy per cent of the 3000 people questioned said they liked to socialise in the garden after dark. The report also found that one in twenty gardeners work stark naked. There must be about twenty gardens in my street. I’m trying to work out who the one person is who gardens naked. I can let you know that it isn’t me. I don’t even like waring shorts when gardening. Trousers and long sleeves for me! Anyway Grants, who presumably want us all to start drinking its product whilst roaming our gardens naked at night has commissioned Chris Beardshaw to create three blue prints for the perfect ‘After Hours Garden’. As we’ve now got 24 hour drinking I’m not sure if there is an ‘After Hours’ any more but you can see the gardens for yourself at I wrote a book three years ago called Curious Incidents in the Garden at Night-time, which you can see in the books section above so I’m really pleased there is renewed interest in the garden at night. As far as I know its still the only UK book that shows you how to select plants for the night-time. Let me know if there are any others. It’s also a story book and probably the book I am most proud to have written. Much as I hate to do myself out of much needed royalties you can get hold of a second hand copy for one penny plus £2.75 postage on Amazon at the moment. I have to tell myself that much more famous writers than I get sold for a penny too! Alternatively if you don’t want to shop with a big corporation, you can get the book from

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