Gardening Course first at Centre for Alternative Technology

CAT will be running a new course next week, the first of its kind in the UK. It’s called Gardening for A Sustainable Future and will combine CAT’s unique blend of horticultural and environmental expertise. The course will look at gardening in relation to the issues of biodiversity and climate change, how they affect us as gardeners and what we can do to make positive changes within our gardens and for the wider world.

It will also cover horticultural techniques such as seed saving, use of green manures and beneficial fungi. We will look at the structure of the garden, choice of materials and how to design the ultimate eco garden. Suitable for those with some experience and for professional gardeners who wish to take a more environmental approach it is lead by CAT Gardener and co-author of The Organic Garden Chloe Ward. Runs 6th-8th June.

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