Spring flowers in Machynlleth

Organic gardeners like to have something in bloom throughout the year to encourage wildlife activity and part of my goal this year is to keep a note of what’s flowering when to build up a picture of what’s missing so I can cover the gaps next year. Actually my records haven’t been that great so far because I’ve been concentrating on the construction phase of the garden, so it was really good to get outside yesterday and take some note at the glory of spring flowers. All of these flowers are self seeders. I did notice one thing which I thought was slightly peculiar. It was a blisteringly hot day but there were very few insects on the old apple tree which is blooming so well at the moment. I’d say normally it would be covered with bees, wasps, hoverflies and flies. Has anyone else noticed a lack of insect activity this year?

One Reply to “Spring flowers in Machynlleth”

  1. Actually, now you mention it there dont seem to be a lot of bees around. A lot of my flowers have come out over the weekend and last year they were all over them. This year I’m not seeing many at all.

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