Compost Awareness Week – May 4th – May 10th

The eight annual Compost Awareness Week runs from 4th-10th May so if you haven’t started your compost heap yet now’s a good time to get started. There’s plenty of information on this site to help you get started including the simple DIY bin described on the post below, and I’ll be posting more helpful hints everyday next week, an article about composting and some useful links to other sites. If you’re visiting the Centre for Alternative Technology this week look out for the talks on composting by CAT displays gardener and co-author of The Organic Garden Chloe Ward and get discount copies of The Little Book of Compost. Go to to find out what’s happening in your area. Check out my simple video guide to organic techniques on the link above and many of the composting videos on Here’s a composter for anyone, no matter how small their house or garden is.

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