The compost lover free recycled home made compost bin

It’s Compost Awareness Week next week so what better time than now to get your compost bin made. Here’s one I made earlier.

home made compost bin

It’s dead easy to make. You need these tools and materials.

materials for compost bin

Bang four wooden posts in the ground to make a square shape the size of the bin you require. These are from an old hedge I cut down.

four posts

Wrap some old chicken wire around three sides of the bin fixing it to the posts using staples.

chicken wire round posts

Next fix some black plastic inside the three sides of chicken wire. This keeps the compost in place.
black plastic

After that make a removable fourth side to the bin. This enables you to remove the compost easily when it is ready, or turn it over if you like turning your compost heap. I actually had this old gate lying around from the previous owners chicken house and just fixed some black plastic to the bottom of the frame. I’m sure a frame would be quite easy to make.

home made compost bin

If you want to be fancy and make a hinge no problem but as the gate is only going to be removed once or twice a year I just tied mine on with some plastic cord. And thats it!

compost in bin

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