The Organic Garden – first edition nearly sold out

Copies of The Organic Garden are now out of stock at the Collins warehouse and there might not be a reprint until April 2009 so if you’re thinking of getting a copy don’t leave it too long, especially if you want a hardback. Once its gone from the shops its gone for good. The next edition is likely to be a paperback. Buy it from I’m really pleased its sold out in less than a year. The book received many positive reviews in lots of diverse media and struck a chord with many individuals. If you want to find out more about the contents click on The Organic Garden button at the top of the page and then the search inside facility.

One Reply to “The Organic Garden – first edition nearly sold out”

  1. Wonderful article.

    This is kind of off-topic, but what is your favorite soil conditioning fertilizer? I’ve tried Bio-Magic on my veggie garden, but I don’t like the results. Anyone have suggestions?

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