Still no news about Yalding Organic Gardens

A month after the announcement that Yalding Organic Gardens would not be open for business this year the campaign to save them is stepping up its on-line presence. Organisers John and Margaret Tate sent out an email this morning inviting more people to promote their e-mail list at The move comes amidst a growing sense of anger on Garden Organics own internet members forum and with some members handing back their membership cards in protest. Forum users are particularly concerned that they were not consulted about the decision or given the opportunity to raise an appeal, and have not received customary copies of the Council Quarterly Notes. Efforts continue to proceed with the Congelow Trust to find a future for the site so no news could be good news. All the same John and Margaret Tate are keen to gather more subscribers at The campaign to save the gardens needs to be up and running if talks fail.

6 Replies to “Still no news about Yalding Organic Gardens”

  1. ‘I am keen to take part in the forum about the future of Yalding Organic Garden but reluctant to pay a subscription to GO in order to access it. I am a previous member and volunteer at YOG but am now not sure why I should rejoin GO when our own garden is being off-loaded. Can you facilitate access for all who want to take part in the forum regardless of whether we are members or not? It’s not really great PR to treat this as a marketing opportunity for GO.’

    I sent the above to GO this morning. Is there another forum we could use/develop for those reluctant to hand over money to GO?

  2. I’m not sure. I’ll pass your message on to the Save Yalding Organic Garden Campaign. I know they’re working on stuff at the moment. I guess I’m happy for people to put comments up here but I don’t know if its the right place. I’m never set up a forum so I’m not sure what it involves. For me I think its important to keep on supporting Garden Organic because they do so much other good work, and to see what happens with the talks. In the long term if another organisation can run the gardens without making a loss it will be better for the staff, the public and Garden Organic. As a GO member I am however unhappy that no notice was given or any campaign to save the gardens launched. Recently I received a mailing to raise money for other parts of GO but nothing for Yalding. I would have happily donated to a save Yalding campaign because it seems fundamentally important to keep a garden like this going, not only to provide gardeners with an inspirational place to spend time but to show to others that organic works.

  3. I was devastated to read in Gardening Which that Yalding is not opening this year. There had been no indication of its being endangered when I last visited in the Autumn and am surprised that there was no attempt to galvanise supporters to try to save it. I can’t believe that all that hard work and those beautiful, educational and innovative gardens within the garden are to be left to go to seed and not be enjoyed by the public of all ages. I feel it is possibly very short-sighted in the light of all the essential interest in going organic that is happening at last. Is there anything one can do to try to rescind this disturbing, sudden decision?

  4. Hi Sylvia

    You may have seen in the news that Yalding has been taken over by a local company The Old Dairy. You can find out more about what they have planned at As a result the main website organising the campaign to save the gardens has changed their name to Here you can find out more about how Garden Organic handled the process of withdrawing from Yalding and take part in a discussion forum.

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