Yalding Organic Gardens to close

It is with great sadness that I have to tell you that Yalding Organic Gardens in Kent will not open for business this year. Chloe Ward, co-author on The Organic Garden, worked there for three years, and the gardens influenced the book greatly and provided many of the photographs. The gardens are run by Garden Organic and according to executives is no longer financially viable. Its a tragedy. The gardens are very beautiful and interesting. A shining example of how good organic gardens can be. Good luck to all the staff and thank you for inspiring all those people who visited over the years. www.gardenorganic.org.uk for more details.

2 Replies to “Yalding Organic Gardens to close”

  1. On the face of it, an absolute disaster!

    But there is some hope, inasmuch as the Congelow Trust (the owners of the Yalding site) has been working hard to find a new operator for the site. Talks are apparently going well, and they are hopeful that the gardens will be open in some form, later in the season.

    I am running an unofficial and informal news e-mailing list, from the embryo website http://www.saveyaldingorganicgardens.co.uk – please feel free to sign-up! (There is though, little to say at the moment!)

    In the light of current developments, there seems to be no need for any kind of ‘campaign’ to continue the gardens – though that of course remains an option, should the Congelow’s efforts fail.

    Many thanks.

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